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3/4 Front Glamour 1998 Honda Odyssey

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It seems as though the most logical way to really test drive a minivan is to load it full of people and possessions and take a long trip. Well that does make a lot of sense. But most of us don't take a cross-country trip with the family every day. Most of the time we're heading to work, heading out to do errands, heading home. It's life in the fast lane. You know the routine: Getting in. Getting out. Figuring creative new ways to slip into a parking space that can barely fit a toothpick, let alone leave enough space to open the door. And just how easy is it to merge onto a highway with traffic moving at speeds far exceeding U.S. speed limits? Or you're in the left lane and notice the upcoming exit is yours. Oops! You've got to move over seven lanes in a relatively short period of space. Then you need to drop the kids off at soccer practice: Get out, get the kids out, get back in. Take the dog to the vet: Get out, get the dog out, get in. Head back home again, jiggity-jig. Running a minivan through this pace is truly the test. When Honda entered the minivan market in 1995, the competition was tough. Chrysler launched its minivan in 1984. Being the first makes it a tough act to follow. Chrysler is on top of this market, always one step ahead of the rest with newfangled innovations such as 27 cupholders and a driver's side sliding door. Honda took another direction with the Odyssey. No sliding doors here; they open like car doors. Honda focused on the combination of a car-like ride and the versatility of a van. Also important was a clean, conservative design, both interior and exterior. And Honda has something other car companies envy: a reputation for building reliable, high-quality cars. And they do have ample cup holders for all parties interested.

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