3/4 Front Glamour 2010 Cadillac CTS

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These are average historical Cadillac CTS Prices. The data is based on actual CarsDirect.com users and represents average prices based on the styles and options users chose.

These are average prices and mileage for used Cadillac CTS Vehicles. The data is based on actual used car listings found on CarsDirect.com as of 03/31/2015 .. The new price is the average CarsDirect Price as configured by actual CarsDirect.com users.

This shows the distribution of price and mileage for the 2010 Cadillac CTS. The data is based on actual used car listings found on CarsDirect.com as of 03/31/2015.

This shows the average number of days a used Cadillac CTS stays on the market, by model year. The data is based on actual used car listings on CarsDirect.com, and it was updated on 03/31/2015 .

This is the distribution of used car inventory by model year for the Cadillac CTS. The data is based on actual used car listings found on CarsDirect.com as of 03/31/2015 .

This shows the popularity of the CTS on CarsDirect.com based on what percent of total configurations in a month are for the CTS.

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Cadillac CTS Prices
Private Party
Dealer Retail
2010 Wagon 4D Premium AWD$15,788$18,043$21,750View Listings
2010 Wagon 4D Premium$14,960$17,096$20,725View Listings
2010 Wagon 4D Performance AWD$14,216$16,246$19,825View Listings
2010 Wagon 4D Performance$13,387$15,299$18,775View Listings
2010 Wagon 4D Luxury AWD$13,430$15,347$18,825View Listings
2010 Wagon 4D Luxury$12,580$14,376$17,775View Listings
2010 Wagon 4D AWD$12,580$14,376$17,775View Listings
2010 Wagon 4D$11,751$13,429$16,725View Listings
2010 Sedan 4D$12,325$14,085$17,450View Listings
2010 Sedan 4D AWD$12,473$14,255$17,650View Listings
2010 Sedan 4D Luxury$12,537$14,327$17,725View Listings
2010 Sedan 4D Luxury AWD$13,642$15,590$19,100View Listings
2010 Sedan 4D Performance$13,281$15,177$18,650View Listings
2010 Sedan 4D Performance AWD$13,918$15,906$19,450View Listings
2010 Sedan 4D Premium$14,365$16,416$20,000View Listings
2010 Sedan 4D Premium AWD$15,193$17,363$21,025View Listings
2010 Sedan 4D V-Series$27,051$30,914$34,250View Listings
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