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2015 Acura NSX: Pricing, Pictures and Release Date

, Automotive Editor - November 21, 2013
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[Update 11/19/13: NSX will feature twin-turbo V6 Hybrid engine]

The long-awaited, much-hyped Acura NSX has been appearing at auto shows and in Super Bowl TV ads for what seems like years. But now, thanks to a couple of teaser videos shared by Honda’s luxury brand with its Snapchat and Instagram users, we see for the first time the NSX tearing up the racetrack.

2015 Acura NSX - front view

2015 Acura NSX - quarter view

2015 Acura NSX - rear view

2015 Acura NSX - Taillight View

2015 Acura NSX - wheel view

2015 Acura NSX - interior view

2015 Acura NSX - seats view

Acura says the car you see here maintains the dimensions and styling of previous NSX prototypes, though the screaming hi-po powertrain under the hood is none other than the production Sport Hybrid All-Wheel Drive system, combining a mid-mounted V6 engine with three electric motors for big power and supercar-level handling. The sound emanating from under that shapely hood is that of a high-revving race car, calling to mind the original NSX and early Honda S2000 models of old.

2015 Acura NSX Engine

In our guess-timation, the NSX will be released sometime in 2014, possibly as soon as September. We know it’s a long time to wait, but for now, enjoy these (albeit short) teaser clips.

Acura NSX Prototype – Wet Track (Source: Acura via Instagram)

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