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2015 Ford Mustang: Pricing, Engine Options and Release Date

, Automotive Editor - December 06, 2013
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To help commemorate the 50th year of the iconic Mustang, Ford has released official pictures and specs on the new 2015 model, scheduled to be released September 2014. That’s a long time to wait for such a storied car, but we’re confident that the enthusiasts and the everyman will wait. After selling 9 million Mustangs (that’s 9,000,000) over the years, Ford knows a thing or two about building high-value muscle for the masses.

2015 ford mustang interior

2015 ford mustang independent rear suspension

We’ll give you a second to soak in the imagery here. The Mustang’s shape is still unmistakable, but delve deeper into the corners & crannies of each body panel and you’ll notice that there’s more to it than just the shape. It’s the tolerance, now tighter than ever which helps It to exude a level of quality that rivals zee Germans and the Japanese, and gives the all-new coupe a contemporary look that should please just about everybody.

2015 ford mustang LED headlight

2015 ford mustang taillights

2015 ford mustang front quarter

2015 ford mustang side

2015 ford mustang rear quarter

The new Mustang will be offered with three distinct engine options. We’re curious to see how the 4-cyl Turbo performs, especially since fuel economy figures will probably shock (in a good way) car shoppers. Don’t be surprised if they hit 38 mpg on the highway.

2015 ford mustang mountains

2015 ford mustang nurburgring

• Base: 3.7L V6, 300 horsepower
• EcoBoost: 2.3L 4-cyl (!) Turbo: 320 horsepower
• GT: 5.0L V8, 440 horsepower

2015 ford mustang dashboard

2015 ford mustang cluster

The huge news for many will be the adoption of the highly-anticipated rear suspension…Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) will now be available for the first time since 1999 (Mustang Cobra).

2015 ford mustang 5.0L v8

LED headlights and taillights will also find their way onto the new Mustang, while the interior has received a heavy update (see pictures below).

2015 ford mustang ecoboost

Chevrolet has led sales with their Camaro since 2010, but with this new 2015 Mustang coming next year, that will undoubtedly change.

MSRP Pricing*: $24k (base) - $34k (GT)
Release Date: September 2014
Engine Options: 3.7L V6, 2.3L I4 Turbo, 5.0L V8

*Estimated pricing.

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