Carbon Fiber Body Kits Examined

October 31, 2012

Carbon fiber body kits are among the most popular performance upgrades for many different types of vehicles. They are very light, which makes them an excellent choice for someone who is concerned about the overall speed and weight of his vehicle. Carbon fiber kit upgrades like a CF hood or racing mirrors are inexpensive and can actually help to reduce the weight of your vehicle.

Pros and Cons
Carbon fiber body kit upgrades are inexpensive in comparison with other kits and also light weight. However, as a downside, they tend to be somewhat inflexible and can break or become damaged more easily than other types. They are also coated with a weaker resin, meaning that they are more likely to experience changes of color and appearance.

Having a body kit made out of carbon not only cuts down on the total weight of the car, but it also means that the car will have a reduction in weight where the front wheels are. This is brings a particular advantage in that this ultimately increases the balance while driving. It will be easier to control the steering in the car if the front of the car is lighter.

Best Kit Upgrades
Carbon fiber hoods and racing mirrors are among the best carbon fiber body kit upgrade parts you can install on your vehicle. With these body kit pieces, you'll be able to lower the overall weight of your vehicle. Other comparable carbon fiber pieces include fins, spoilers and side mirrors as well. All of these pieces are available at different auto body and custom modification shops and can be installed at home without much difficulty.

Best Selling Cheap Carbon Fiber Body Kits

These body kits can be found for a variety of makes and models.

Carbon Creations Body Kit
This body kit comes with many ground effect designs that make your car stand out from the rest. It is composed of hand laid grade A carbon fiber. On top of the fiber is a UV coating that helps the body kit keep the gloss finish for a long time. This manufacturer is known for its lightweight, high quality kits that fit each car perfectly. The different kits come with all the components for a specific body style.

Lambo Door Kit
This type of high performance part allows the door to open up vertically rather than horizontally. The vertical doors offer a unique and eye catching look. These doors are bolted on and the kit contains everything that is needed for installation.

Siebon Carbon Fiber Hoods
Siebon makes carbon fiber hoods for all different makes and models. These hoods are a quick and inexpensive way to lower the weight of the car and increase the performance. They also produce authentic racing hoods with different graphics and patterns. The hoods have a complete skeleton underside, which offers additional support. They are hand crafted, so no two hoods are exactly the same. It is recommended that these hoods are installed by professionals, as minor adjustments will need to be made.