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The origins of the Audi A6 are actually found in the German automaker's previous midsize car: the long-running 100. In 1994, Audi rebranded the 100 with the A6 label as part of an overhaul in its approach to naming models.

Now in its fourth generation, the A6 has remained a staple of the midsize luxury sedan market. Known for its intelligently designed -- and sometimes opulent -- cabin, the A6 easily competes with more expensive sedans and retains value as a used car.

Audi A6 Generations

2012 - 2015 Audi A6

3/4 Front Glamour 2015 Audi A6

Major changes included:

The newest A6 shares much of its underpinnings with the newly-introduced A7, but still hangs on to its own identity with a redesigned (but still very masculine) exterior. The wheelbase was lengthened a substantial three inches, but the overall length of the A6 actually decreased slightly. 2012 saw the introduction of the first electric-hybrid A6 and the newest S6, powered by a 414-horsepower twin-turbo V8 engine.

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2005 - 2011 Audi A6

3/4 Front Glamour 2011 Audi A6

Major changes included:

2005 saw yet another redesign, with substantial updates given both inside and out. The exterior was now more masculine looking, yet still reserved. The new A6 was longer, wider and had a larger wheelbase than the outgoing model, which allowed for more interior space and comfort. The technology was massively updated in order to keep up with its counterparts from BMW and Mercedes-Benz with a center dash control center interface.

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1998 - 2004 Audi A6

3/4 Front Glamour 2004 Audi A6

Major changes included:

Audi redesigned the A6 for 1998, giving both sedan and wagon versions a much sleeker exterior and updated interior, as well as adding even more engine choices. The old four-speed automatic gearbox was dropped in favor of a five-speed automatic and a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

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1995 - 1997 Audi A6

null 1997 Audi A6

Major changes included:

In 1995, Audi introduced the first Audi A6. To be fair, though, there wasn't much that was all that new about it, as the A6 was the newest version of what had been known as the Audi 100.

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