Matt Harper

Automotive Editor

A lifelong automobile enthusiast and writer, Matt has reviewed hundreds of new car models, from economy rides to luxury roadsters. He knows what matters most to buyers, and guides them through the decision process as if they were spending his own money.

Recent Contributions by Matt

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    The smallest and most affordable member of the Prius family, the Prius C delivers superb hybrid efficiency for the price of an ordinary hatchback. When it comes to total

  • Our Take: 2016 Toyota Prius

    The car that brought hybrid power to main street, the Prius has undergone a full redo with emphasis on style and performance. Rest assured that its key attribute—efficiency—continues stronger

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    Nissan's full-size Titan series receives its first complete overhaul this year with emphasis on capability, refinement, and safety technology. Part of the renaissance is the new XD model, which

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    A mix of practicality and style, the Murano remains the most dramatic-looking midsize crossover you can buy. Step inside and you'll find a polished interior with just as much

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    A longtime staple of the compact crossover class, the RAV4 continues to rack up sales with its sheer practicality and sterling reliability record. Like other successful Toyota models, the

  • 2016 Ford F-150 YMM Overview

    Fresh off last year's complete overhaul, the F-150 is poised to continue its decades-long streak as America's top- selling vehicle. Buyers can be assured of rugged performance over the