Justin Cupler

Automotive Editor

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Justin Cupler has specialized as an automotive writer since 2009, and has seen himself published in multiple websites and online magazines. In addition to contributing to CarsDirect, Justin also works as editor in chief for a large performance car online publication. His specialty lays in the high-performance realm, but has a deep love and understanding for all things automotive. Prior to being an automotive writer, he was an automotive technician and manager for six years, but spent the majority of his younger life tinkering with classic muscle cars.

Recent Contributions by Justin

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    Infiniti's crossover and SUV lineup covers all the bases – there are the sizes of sporty CUV, with the QX30, QX50, and QX70, a larger,…

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    January 18, 2017

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    January 17, 2017

    With five vehicles in its crossover and SUV lineup, Infiniti's ability to cater to all tastes could be overwhelming. Do you want a sporty QX30?…

  • BMW X1 vs. BMW X3

    January 17, 2017

    The popularity of the crossover SUV has lead luxury automakers to add more high-riding variants to their lineups, despite the possibility of inner-brand competition. Customers…

  • BMW X3 vs. BMW X5

    January 16, 2017

    While BMW is steadily growing its SUV lineup with the redesigned X1 and the polarizing X4, two of the automaker’s original SUVs are still among…

  • Lexus ES 350 vs. Lexus GS 350

    January 16, 2017

    On the surface, it may seem odd that an automaker would offer two midsize sedans in the same showroom. Lexus does just that with its…

  • Ford Planning Hybrid F-150 & Mustang

    January 9, 2017

    Electrification has yet to fully expand into sports cars and pickups – the latter got a taste of it, but it never took off –…