Matthew Keegan

Contributing Editor

Matt caught the car bug at a young age and has happily shared his infection through words, but thankfully not with songs. From new cars to the classics, and from industry news to auto trends, there is very little that escapes the watchful eye of this automotive correspondent.

Recent Contributions by Matthew

  • 2019 Cadillac XTS YMM Overview

    August 14, 2018

    Crisp styling, a willing engine, and a large trunk are among the strong points of the 2019 Cadillac XTS. This full-size luxury sedan has aged…

  • 2019 Honda Pilot YMM Overview

    August 14, 2018

    Honda jumped into the three-row crossover utility vehicle segment early on, quickly establishing itself as a formidable player. That’s good news for consumers who can…

  • Our Take: 2019 GMC Terrain

    August 9, 2018

    The compact 2019 GMC Terrain operates in a highly competitive segment with models from Toyota, Nissan, and Honda leading the game. In the Terrain, GMC…

  • Our Take: 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class

    August 9, 2018

    The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class may be a compact sedan, but it's big on design, powertrains, and ride. The front seat is very comfortable, but the…

  • 2019 Subaru Crosstrek YMM Overview

    August 1, 2018

    The first Crosstrek models were known as the XV Crosstrek, but the name proved too cumbersome. Subaru dropped the "XV" moniker in 2016 and launched…

  • Our Take: 2019 Kia Soul

    July 31, 2018

    Ever since its launch way back in 2009, the Kia Soul has staked out a unique place for itself in the market. This youth-oriented model…

  • 2019 Honda Insight YMM Overview

    July 27, 2018

    It has been said that “three is a charm,” and in the example of the 2019 Honda Insight, the all-new charm is certainly a bright…

  • Our Take: 2018 Fiat 500e

    July 20, 2018

    The 2018 Fiat 500e is a “compliance car,” or a model built to satisfy regulatory requirements in certain states, that is only available in California…

  • Our Take: 2018 Jaguar XE

    July 18, 2018

    Just a few years ago, Jaguar was creeping up on its competitors, surprising everyone with new models, including its first SUVs. The 2018 Jaguar XE…

  • Our Take: 2018 Audi A8

    July 17, 2018

    The full-size 2018 Audi A8 flies the brand’s flag high. It's an elegant sedan with the power and high-end amenities to match. When outfitted with…