Calculate Your Auto Loan: Total Interest Paid

January 27, 2012

It is a good decision to calculate the payment required for your auto loan to ensure it fits into your budget. While calculating your payment, it is important to consider factors like the car loan interest and the auto loan term. As these factors are interdependent on each other, you need to achieve a fine balance between them, so that you do not end up paying a fortune. It also helps you to have a better understanding of your obligation towards your auto loan and decreases the chances of you defaulting on it.

Even though the focus is to get low car loan rates, reduced rates do not help if the car loan term is very long. The most crucial factor to consider while calculating your auto loan payment is the interest percentage or the total interest on your loan.

Follow the steps below to find the total interest to be paid on your auto loan:

Step 1: Note down the principal amount that is going to be financed to you by the auto loan lending institution. The interest is calculated based on the principal amount.

Step 2: Find out your interest percentage. This percentage which is technically referred to as "percent interest" is used to calculate the total interest paid for the entire loan term.

Step 3: Determine the duration of your auto loan, which in auto loan terminology is known as the auto loan term. Convert the auto loan term into number of months.

Step 4: Use online auto loan calculators to estimate the total interest to be paid on your auto loan. Once you have obtained the figurative values of the factors mentioned in steps 1, 2 and 3 above, enter those values in the auto loan interest rate calculators to derive the total interest on your auto loan. Auto loan interest rate calculators are easy to use and are available on legitimate auto websites.

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