Auto Industry Looks to Get Back into the Game with Super Bowl Ads

March 18, 2013

Even though the National Football League season has passed only its one-quarter mark, people are still starting to think about the Super Bowl. And that means that many car makers are in the creating stage for their 2011 Super Bowl commercials.

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The auto industry has been a major contributor of commercials since the Super Bowl was first telecast some 45 years ago. But due to the Recession and many other issues before and after, auto makers have not been able to create ads for the big event for a few years. Well, now they are back. And some companies have already said that they will promote their products in commercials this Super Bowl.

General Motors was one of the first in the industry to say that it will again be contributing ads to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2008. Subaru is already getting ready to film its ad. The Japanese company is scouting puppies who will be involved in the filming of Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl in New York this week. The dogs they select will be the "stars" of the ad it is producing for this year's Super Bowl. The spot will actually air nationwide just before the kickoff of the game and will feature a guy from Animal Planet traveling with five puppies to the Super Bowl in his Subaru.

A company related to the auto industry,, has also said that it will show an ad during the game too. Actually, it will be's fourth consecutive year it has shown an ad during a Super Bowl. The company said that it will be showing two 30-second ads --one in the third quarter and one in the fourth.'s vice president of marketing, Carolyn Crafts, said that 106 million people saw's ad during last year's Super Bowl broadcast -- the largest television audience ever. Crafts said that experienced a major surge of visitors to its website as well as a record number of referrals to its advertisers. She added that the consumer awareness of the company continues to grow because of that ad.

Since the auto makers seem to have recovered from the downturn, they are advertising again. It has been reported that auto advertising has jumped 27 percent. The last Super Bowl had an audience of 106.5 million and was the most watched television program in U.S. history. And, most important to advertisers, it also had the most ad time in history. There were 47 minutes and 50 seconds of advertising time during the broadcast.

Believe it or not, Fox, the broadcaster of this season's Super Bowl, has said that it has already sold at least 90 percent of its ad spots for the upcoming event.