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Production of the X1 began in Europe in 2009, and BMW's subcompact crossover finally made its U.S. debut for 2013. Created with versatility in mind, the X1 mixes strong performance and excellent fuel economy with the utility of a wagon-like body. Buyers choose from four or six cylinders, and between rear- and all-wheel drive.

The X1's small size somewhat limits passenger and cargo space in its five-seat interior. But with a base price that undercuts everything else in the Bavarian automaker's lineup, the X1 is also the least expensive path to BMW ownership.

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3/4 Front Glamour 2015 BMW X1

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Although it had been available in Europe for three previous years, the X1 didn't reach the American market until 2013. It's BMW's smallest SUV, and notable as the Bavarian brand's least expensive model. The X1 shares its four- and six-cylinder engines with larger siblings, and performance is spirited. Its subcompact dimensions limit space, however, so this SUV is more sport than utility.

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