Car Buying Tips » Buying A New Car

Tips for Buying a New Car

Diligent research and assertive negotiation are the keys to buying a new car. Learn about research, talking to dealers, and the best trade-in practices.

Finding the Right Car »

Car Buying Choices for All Kinds of Families

Everyone’s family doesn’t look the same, and that means there’s no one-size-fits-all choice when you’re choosing a car that’s well suited to the lives of...

Passenger Cars » New Sedan

Coupe vs Sedan: Which One Is Right for You?

The coupe vs sedan dilemma involves more than the number of doors. Learn about cargo capacity, passenger comfort, price, and insurance differences.

SUVs » SUV At Gas Station

SUVs with Best Gas Mileage

This guide to the SUVs with the best gas mileage also covers the models with the lowest fuel emissions, and how to improve SUV gas mileage.