Auto Warranty Broker: Finding the Best Car Warranty Plans for Your Vehicle

March 8, 2012

You can find a great warranty if you're willing to put in the research—or you can let an auto warranty broker research and negotiate the best deal.

Auto Warranty Insurance

If you wish to find a third party auto warranty plan for your vehicle that is separate from the standard plans offered by manufacturers, you'll likely need the assistance of an auto warranty broker to do so. Good auto warranty companies work with brokers to help negotiate different terms for unique cases and individuals. Although it may be difficult to find warranty broker reviews, it's a good idea to keep in mind what to look for when you work with a broker and how to find the best car warranty plans for your vehicle.

Prioritize What You Need to Find the Best Broker

Finding a customized warranty plan that works for you is all about making sure that you get the protection needed. If you're most concerned about the drive shaft in your vehicle, for instance, you'll want to make sure that you get a quality power train warranty coverage element. Those who are more concerned about roadside assistance, however, should look for customizable plans with excellent roadside coverage over an extended period of time. By prioritizing what you're looking for, you'll make it easier for the broker to find the best plan for you.

Commissions that Auto Warranty Brokers Charge

Keep in mind that most brokers charge a set fee to help you determine a good warranty plan. Others may charge you a commission based upon how much the plan costs. If possible, go for the first instead, as the commissions themselves may be quite expensive. However, if you plan to purchase a lower level warranty that won't cost as much, a commission based broker may be a better idea for you.

Auto Warranty Broker: Coverage Plan Price Negotiations for Low Costs

Buying a new car will normally be the second most expensive single purchase that you ever make, and for this reason you will need to talk to an auto warranty broker in order to protect your investment. Auto warranty brokers will offer aftermarket warranties which will protect you from danger in case anything goes wrong with your car. Putting a car right can be expensive and very difficult.

An auto warranty will mean that you will not need to pay for any repairs to your vehicle caused by manufacturing defects. Some of them will also provide cover for wear and tear although this isn't often the case.

Shopping Around
There are lots of different auto warranty brokers out there and that's why you can save quite a lot of money by shopping around. The industry is so competitive that these brokers are tripping over themselves to get your business. Many of them are prepared to come down on price if you are willing to do the leg work and compare the policies available.

When negotiating with the brokers make them aware that you are talking to other brokers. This should make them much more willing to offer discounts and special offers.

Don't Always Choose Cheapest
You shouldn't always choose the cheapest auto warranty policy because this might not be the best level of coverage for you. Instead you must compare the level of cover provided for the different prices. Spend time choosing the best valued aftermarket auto warranty rather than simply looking for the absolute cheapest option.

Cheap options are not always the best. Although these will save you a considerable amount of money they probably won't offer enough coverage. Some of these may also end up being scams which will not pay out even if you do make a claim.

Checking that the Company Is Credible
When negotiating with an auto warranty broker it's important to check that they are genuine and that they will be able to look after you. It's essential that you check that the company is credible and has a good reputation. The Internet can be used to look at previous customers experiences with the auto warranty broker. You can also contact the BBB to find out whether or not the company has any complaints and whether they can be trusted.

Finding out the Provider
An auto insurance broker will be providing policies from other companies. This means that they will not themselves be providing the coverage. Find out who the provider of the policy is so that you can do your own homework and ensure that they are reliable. Remember, if the insurance company closes then you will be left with a worthless document.

Checking the Coverage
It's essential that you spend time checking the coverage of the policy before parting with your money. No policy will cover for every eventuality. If you ever find something that sounds too good to be true then there's a good chance that it is.

Signing the Deal
Once you've checked everything is okay and negotiated properly you are then ready to sign on the dotted line, or thanks to the Internet, simply click the submit button.