Best Green Cars for the Environment: Top Low Emission and Pollution Autos

January 27, 2012

There are many different cars for the environment being built with green technologies and alternative fuels. Some of the current green cars include hybrids that have a gasoline and an electric motor, electric cars that run on battery, ethanol, hydrogen or natural gas, hybrid cars that plug in and biodiesel-fuelled vehicles using biomass and soybeans.

  • 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid: This is a hybrid SUV so it runs off of gasoline and an electric battery. The city gas mileage is 29 with a highways gas mileage of 27.  Its greenhouse score is 8 and is SmartWay qualified.
  • Dynasty iT: This car is built by Dynasty Electric Cars in British Columbia. It is an electric car that can be plugged in. You can find it as a sedan, pickup, topless, sport and utility.
  • E2 GEM: GEM, known as Global electric Motorcars, is part of the Chrysler Company. It is currently producing two passenger e2 cars, four and six passenger electric cars and several utility electric models. These cars use a 5 horsepower DC motor. All models can be completely customized.
  • ZENN: ZENN stands for Zero Emission No Noise and produces a three door hatchback. It is a classified as a glider as it does not have a power train but is still a rolling vehicle.  It does not produce any emissions due to the batteries and electric drive components.  The braking system actually recaptures rolling energy and feeds it back to the battery.
  • Honda FCX: This green car is the first available to the public that uses hydrogen cell technology.  This model has only limited numbers available but it has proven to be a leader in its class and completely exceeded expectations. N is powered by a fuel cell which combines hydrogen with oxygen in the atmosphere and uses the energy that occurs from the chemical reaction to power the vehicle.
  • CODA Sedan: This received a Fusion green car award in 2010 and uses an electric drive train as the power source.  It will be available in 2011 and is electric powered.  The performance and handling is excellent as it can go up to 80mph with a range of 100 to 120 miles.
  • Nissan Leaf: This electric car from Nissan is slated to reach showrooms at the end of 2010 for public sale. It uses a newly designed Lithium battery and the entire car was designed to be cost comparable to other cars on the market, as many all-green cars are currently very expensive. It does not produce any emissions and has a weatherproof home charging station.
  • Toyota Prius PHV: This is the latest model from the company that brought you the first hybrid car. The PHV can use its electric power of speeds up to 12 mph. Its battery is a newly updated lithium-ion. The Prius has a greenhouse rating of 9 out of 10 (10 being the best rating).  This is a great choice for those driving in cities.