How to Check a Car's Gas Mileage Online

March 18, 2013

Car shoppers or owners might want to know about the gas mileage of a vehicle to make buying decisions, to help with reselling or even to get government incentives like the "Cash for Clunkers" program. Luckily, there are a number of different ways to easily check the gas mileage of a vehicle online.

Try the Manufacturer's Website

Almost all vehicle manufacturers have the gas mileage or MPG for new vehicles on their sites. Some of them also have the MPG information for older models.

Use Handy Online Buying Guide Sites

A variety of other websites also offer gas mileage tools for checking MPG. Take a look at sites like CarsDirect (), where research tools include information on MPG for vehicles.

Take Advantage of Government Websites

In order to assist American consumers in accessing the CARS or "Cash for Clunkers" program, the government has set up a CARS Web site that shows MPG for vehicles. Web users can put their vehicle information into the site and see whether the car or truck qualifies by getting less than 18 MPG. Another government web site run by the EPA ( helps drivers figure out MPG for their vehicles.

Find the 3 Gas Mileage Numbers

Drivers will always want to see how their MPG breaks down. The first number is city MPG, or how much gas mileage the vehicle gets in stop-and-go urban driving. The second number is highway MPG, or how much gas mileage the vehicle gets on the open road. The third is combined MPG, or an overall MPG value.

Take advantage of the above if you want quick tools to figure out your vehicle's gas mileage online.