Can I Get Car Insurance With a Suspended License

January 27, 2012

Whether through a DUI or though numerous accidents, or tickets, you may find yourself in a situation where you are wondering if you can buy car insurance with a suspended license. In most cases the answer is yes. However it isn’t that simple. Several conditions will most likely apply depending on the state you live in and the reason for your suspension.

Insurance Companies, Conditions and Policies

Most insurance providers have some form of coverage for drivers with suspended licenses. In all cases, this insurance costs a significant amount of money, which is to be expected. Despite these facts, not all insurance companies will choose you and you will be forced to shop around. Some companies have no problem selling insurance to these drivers, while others will outright refuse. Even then some providers will require your license to be reinstated within a certain amount of time. Including no tickets or suspensions for a certain amount of time, or they will drop you.

When shopping for insurance, do your homework and look around. Ask each company about their policies and costs and be honest about your situation. You may be surprised at how many of them are willing to insure you. One thing to consider though is that some insurance providers will cancel your policy if you do not have an active license. Make sure you do not acquire insurance through one of these companies if your license is currently suspended, as they will cancel the policy on you almost immediately.