Car Insurance Rates: Muscle Car Insurance

January 27, 2012

Car insurance rates often depend on several factors including the age of the driver, the annual mileage driven and the type of vehicle to be insured. There are certain insurance companies that provide a special rate or plan for different kinds of cars, like a classic car or a muscle car. Muscle car insurance plans are more specified for this type of car, and most of these rates are higher than an insurance policy for a regular vehicle.

Identifying Muscle Cars

Just because it has two doors and runs very fast does not make something a muscle car. Car insurance companies have different criteria they use when identifying if the vehicle as a muscle car. A muscle car is defined as an American, South African or Australian car that was made from 1964 to 1974. These cars generally have a V8 engine and are classified as a mid-size car. Auto insurance companies look at the horsepower of the car and any modifications done to it like superchargers or turbo modifications. Muscle car ratings are also considered when identifying whether a vehicle is a muscle car, sports car, a classic or a collectible.

Choose Specialty Insurance Companies

Some auto insurance providers set a limit on how far you can drive a muscle car before they set a premium. Since most muscle cars are modified, car insurance companies also set a limit on how many modifications an owner can do to their car during the term of the insurance policy.

With a muscle car that has been modified to go faster than a normal car, there is a greater risk for accidents so auto car insurance providers are a little hesitant in giving out lower insurance rates for muscle cars. There are some companies that will provide coverage for muscle cars, but the premium rates will be a lot higher than the standard.

The way to get the best possible rates for sports car insurance is to go to a specialty insurance company. These insurance companies provide specific services for different types of vehicles, from classic cars to muscle cars. Shop around and compare several insurance companies before settling on one that satisfies you and can fit your needs.

Additional Safety Features

Since muscle cars are considered high risk when it comes to theft, it is important that the owner installs all the necessary safety features. Anti-theft security features can greatly increase your chances of getting lower premium rates. Safety airbags, a stability and traction control system and anti-lock brakes are just some safety features that one can install in their car to improve their chances of a much lower car insurance rate.

However, most car insurance companies need to have the certification and approval from the installer prior to processing or approving any plans for a muscle car. Some auto insurance companies even ask that the car have an auto tracking device.