Cheap Auto Insurance for Teens: Rates and Quotes for Young Drivers

July 1, 2013

The best places to find cheap auto insurance for teens are closer than you may think. Traditional insurance agencies offer excellent values for cheap teenager car insurance, provided that you meet a few important requirements. The many discounts offered by these traditional insurance agencies can help offset the high cost of an insurance policy for a teenage driver.

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Contact Your Agent

If you or your family currently have an established relationship with a State Farm, Progressive or Allstate agent, contact them when you begin your search for cheap car insurance. This is important because most major insurance companies offer multi-volume and multi-car discounts. By adding a new driver and potentially a new vehicle to your household, you may be able to save a set percentage off of all your auto insurance policies.

Obtain Additional Quotes

If your current agent is unable to provide a quote that works within your budget, it may be time to request quotes from other insurance companies. Speaking with other insurance agents will give you an opportunity to revisit all of your insurance coverage with a licensed professional. You could find that you're carrying too much coverage on some policies and too little on others. In the end, speaking to an agent about saving money on cheap teenager auto insurance could save you even more money by forcing you to make smart changes to your policies.

Research Young Driver Programs

Many insurance companies, including State Farm and Progressive, offer an impressive set of discounts to help young drivers save as much money as possible. This will help make cheap teenager car insurance even more affordable. For example, State Farm offers a good student discount that is available for high school or college students who maintain a B (3.0) average in their coursework. All major insurers offer good driver discounts that can lower the rates of cheap teenager auto insurance even further. These good driver discounts require an accident-free driving record for several years and some programs require the young driver to complete a brief safe driving course. Other good driver programs may require the driver to complete a logbook that highlights their safe driving practices.

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Other Considerations

You can also find cheap auto insurance for teens by asking if there are any low-mileage driver discounts. If a beginning driver is planning to drive less than 10,000 miles per year, they may be eligible for a low-mileage discount. Simply put, fewer miles on the road each year results in less risk for the insurance company. Also remember that credit score may have an impact on insurance rates. As beginning drivers may be under 18 years old and have no established credit history, a better rate may be available by adding them onto an existing policy and listing them as the primary driver. This step could help lower the cost of car insurance for teenagers.

By researching and taking advantage of cheap car insurance discounts and special young driver programs, you can get cheap teenager auto insurance that keeps a beginning driver legal and safe on the road.