Cheap Car Insurance Quote: Pip Auto Insurance

January 27, 2012

No matter which of the 50 states you’re in, you may be looking for a cheap car insurance quote to help balance the costs for one of the biggest annual family expenses. For lots of drivers, car insurance is more than just a detail, it’s something that continually saps their budget as bloated premiums add up every month. Here are some tips for getting a lower cost auto insurance policy with what’s called PIP car insurance.

  • Know What PIP Is – PIP or personal injury protection is a specific kind of liability insurance that is mandated in a “no fault” insurance system. Some states now have no fault systems where the victim of a car accident get compensated by their own insurer rather than by the at fault driver’s insurance company.
  • Understand the Use of No Fault Insurance – No-fault insurance is intended to put less of a burden on the state court system. When compensation for car accident injuries is already provided for through PIP, the task of getting that compensation becomes easier – at least, that’s the idea. In reality, it can always be difficult to get a check from an insurance company, but with PIP, there’s at least a precedent for paying out on medical bills, lost wages, and all that a car accident victim faces.
  • Assess Your Driver Risk – Getting PIP auto insurance and all the other required extras for a policy can be very expensive if the driver’s record is less than clean. Get a look at your driving history, and try to knock down any current citations. Taking driver’s ed courses can also be effective in getting a better risk rating.
  • Buy Insurable Vehicles – One good way to get any kind of auto policy at a lower cost is by driving safe, reliable vehicles with reasonable blue book value. Luxury cars, sports cars and other custom vehicles can spike auto insurance rates, and even a new sedan can be more than the average driver can handle when it comes to auxiliary costs like insurance. Try finding a blue book value that corresponds to insurance rates you can handle.
  • Shop Around for Cheap Quotes with PIP – When you’re in a PIP state, shopping around for insurance gets even more important. That’s because lots of drivers get a much better deal from one agent or company than they do from another. There’s no substitute for going out and getting multiple quotes to see where the savings comes in for your personal auto policy. Drivers who shop around for car insurance can often get the coverage that they need at rates that are closer to what they can reasonably pay over the year or other term of a policy.

Keep all of the above in mind when your state requires you to get additional PIP coverage to insure the vehicles that you rely on every day.