Benefits Of Comprehensive Auto Insurance

January 27, 2012

Comprehensive auto insurance can offer great benefits alongside your car insurance policy. Comprehensive policies cover many things that your regular insurance won't consider. Here are some of the benefits associated with having comprehensive coverage.

In the Event of Theft

If your car is stolen or broken in to, comprehensive auto insurance will likely cover your losses. Having this coverage can take a load off if you are ever the victim of this crime. You will have enough to deal with as it is. If you have aftermarket equipment that's been installed, the insurance may not cover this unless you have already notified them about it. If you have custom stereo equipment, you need to make sure the insurance company is aware of this. Your premiums may go up, but it's worth the investment to ensure it's covered. If your car is broken in to and your other personal add-ons are taken, the insurance company will cover this with comprehensive coverage.

Hail or Flood Damage

Most insurance policies won't cover hail or flood damage sustained to your vehicle. But if you have comprehensive coverage you can get the damage repaired after you pay your deductible. A lot of people end up with hail damage and without this extra coverage they will have to pay out of pocket to repair it.


Unfortunately animals can pose a danger as we drive. We build highways and roads directly in their habitats. Dogs can get loose and run free. We don't want to think about hitting an animal, but it may be dealt with at some point. Comprehensive coverage will normally cover this kind of damage. It will even cover damages caused by birds.

Transportation Costs

If your car is disabled for any covered reason, comprehensive insurance will cover costs associated with alternative transportation. Most often this will be in the form of a no-cost rental car while your car is being repaired. Many insurance companies do have an exclusion that states you have to wait 48 hours after the car becomes disabled before you can claim this coverage. Rental cars and taxi fares can add up quickly so this is a great savings benefit.

Most of us don't think about things like objects falling from the sky, riots, explosions, etc., but with comprehensive auto insurance, someone has thought of this and covers you for it. These are typically things that are so unlikely to happen that it doesn't seem like important coverage. However, in the event that it does, the damage can be devastating. Having a comprehensive policy will cover you for even the most unlikely of events.