How Much Does a Speeding Ticket Affect Insurance Rates?

January 27, 2012

If you have the unfortunate luck of acquiring a speeding ticket, insurance rates on your premium may rise. But how much can a moving violation affect your insurance? Unfortunately, there is no one real objective way to answer that question. Speeding tickets can alter your insurance rates a lot, a little, or not at all, depending on various factors.

If you have been driving for a long time, and have had a relationship with a car insurance company for a number of years, a minor moving violation, say fifteen miles over the limit, may not do anything to your premium at all. The reason your rates change for any reason with an insurance company is how much of a risk they view you as. If you are a forty five year old man with a spotless record and all of the sudden you receive a minor infraction, chances are you will be in the clear.

Now, if you're a younger driver that doesn't have a long history of being behind the wheel, and you get pulled over for going 100 miles an hour, then you have problems. Again, it's all about risk in the eyes of the insurance company. You may have your rates rise 25% or more for the next couple of years, just from that one ticket.

Many instances will occur somewhere in the middle, and with that, attending traffic school can be a good out. If it's an isolated incident, many judges will waive or significantly lower a ticket if you spend a Saturday in traffic school. And with that, your insurance company may not even find out about your ticket, or at least not punish you as much with a high raise to your premium.