How to Compare SR22 Insurance Quotes: Getting Cheap Quotes

January 27, 2012

For those looking for SR22 insurance quotes, the chances are you have a pretty shocking driving record. To put it simply, you will require an SR22 document to prove that you have some form of car insurance or financial responsibility. Most people who have or need an SR22 document will have either been suspended from driving for DUI, speeding or at fault accidents. It may also be for repeated and multiple traffic offenses, in which case this puts you into the high risk category. This form of proof must be submitted to the DMV before a suspended license can be reinstated. If required to obtain an SR22, you must have this document in your possession for at least three years.

Step 1 - Where to Start

You may have trouble obtaining a quote for SR22 insurance, based on your previous driving record. Cheap SR22 insurance quotes are not commonplace and some companies are reluctant to insure a driver with such a history. This does not mean your task will be impossible, however. Be prepared to phone quote a few companies, unless you already have a list of who to call. Start with your local insurance agent and see if they have any insider knowledge that can help you obtain a cheap quote.

Step 2 - Things to Remember

It's important to find a company that will insure your circumstances. Some SR22 cases are slightly higher risk than others, although they are all equally frowned upon by insurance companies. Remember that your license will not be reinstated until you provide the DMV with insurance proof, using the SR22.

Step 3 - Online

You can search for SR22 insurance quotes online. Many companies advertise their willingness to help if you need an SR22. Progressive will also offer to handle the filing for you if it is court ordered. There will of course be a fee to pay, but for some, having that help is essential.

Step 4 - Quotes

After obtaining a few quotes that you're happy with, start to compare them in terms of cost and benefits. The SR22 status will only be removed once you have carried insurance constantly for the three years required. In some states it is three years and 33 days from the date of the suspension. Don't let your insurance policy lapse at any time during those three years. Check with the DMV for the legal obligations in your state.

Step 5 - Acquiring

After finding an acceptable quote and you're happy with the payment plan, you'll be required to pay a large percentage as a down payment. Be prepared and have a valid form of payment within reach so you can complete checkout and get the policy started. Once you have paid the policy deposit you will receive an insurance card and documents through the mail.

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