How to File an American Family Insurance Claim

January 27, 2012

Members of American Family Insurance must file an American Family Insurance claim when they need to report an accident that they've been involved with. An American Family accident claim is relatively easy to fill out, although the entire process of submitting and resolving the claim can take several days or even up to a few weeks to process entirely. Part of the reason for this length of time is the American Family auto damage repair estimate and processing, which determines how much money you'll receive from the insurance company in compensation if your car has been damaged. It is important you submit your American Family Insurance car accident claim as soon as possible after the car accident so as not to face legal or criminal penalties. Likewise, failing to submit honest information on the claim form can be grounds for perjury and other complications as well. Read on for step-by-step instructions to filing your claim.

Step 1 -- Collect All of the Necessary Information at the Scene of the Accident

After you've ensured everyone who requires medical attention has received it properly, it's important also you collect all of the information you'll need to complete your insurance claim form with American Family Insurance. Meet with all of the other drivers who were involved in the accident and collect their names, contact information for each, as well as the types of cars they were driving and license plate numbers. You should also collect all of the different insurance company providers and insurance policy numbers for each driver as well. Finally, find out how many other passengers were in each vehicle and take note of the damage. You may even wish to take photos of the damage at this point as evidence for later on.

This information will be necessary in order to properly file your claim. If you forget to obtain it or if one of the drivers commits a hit and run, you'll need to report this to your insurance company as well. If you're involved in a hit and run, call the police and provide a description of the car.

Step 2 -- File a Claim Online, in Person or Over the Phone

American Family insurance has claims forms available on their website for you to fill out. If you prefer, you can also phone a representative and submit the information in that manner. Finally, you can visit a local insurance agent and fill out a form in person. The information that will be required of you is the same in each case. In every situation, a claims adjuster will review the material you've submitted and will contact you within the next few days to record a testimony regarding the incident. At that point, you can have your vehicle inspected for damages and assessed. This information must also be submitted to the insurance company.