How to Get Car Insurance for Provisional Drivers

January 27, 2012

If you are a young driver or a driver with a learner's permit, you should consider purchasing car insurance for provisional drivers, or drivers that don't yet have a regular driver's license. Even drivers with a provisional license or learners permit are required to be insured when driving on state highways and roads.

Many states will require that you be 16 years of age to be included on a car insurance policy--regardless of whether you have a learner's permit at age 15 or not. In addition, companies that insure provisional drivers usually charge much higher rates until the driver actually has a valid driver's license. So, here is a step by step guide on how to get insurance coverage for provisional drivers.

Step 1 - Search for Car Insurance Companies on the Internet

Use your favorite search engine to search for companies that provide car insurance for drivers with a learner's permit or provisional driver's license. Enter terms like "car insurance learner's permit" or "provisional driver's license insurance" into your favorite search engine and click the search button. You will be shown many relative links to sites that offer this type of coverage for young drivers.

Step 2 - Call Local Insurance Agents

You should also look in your local phone directory yellow pages to find local insurance agents that offer car insurance for young drivers as well. Call around to various independent car insurance agents as they will usually represent several different companies.

Step 3 - Compare Quotes

Once you have contacted several insurance companies and requested quotes. You should compare the prices on insurance quotes as well as the policy limits, exclusions and policy terms. Consider policies that best fit your budget while providing an adequate amount of coverage for the young driver and the parent or guardian listed as the primary insured.

Step 4 - Choose A Policy

Once you have carefully reviewed all of the quotes from the different car insurance companies choose the car insurance quote that best meets your needs and fits your budget.

Step 5 - Pay the Premium

Contact the car insurance company of your choice and inquire about available payment options. Many car insurance companies will require that you make your monthly premium payments via direct debit from your personal checking or savings account. However, some insurance companies do allow other payment methods such as sending them a check. Choose the payment method that is most convenient for you and allowed by the insurance company.

Step 6 - Drive only With Licensed Adult

Once you have paid the initial premium payment for your car insurance policy, the policy should become effective immediately. You should be given a temporary insurance card that you can use until your permanent insurance card arrives in the mail. Also, if you purchase a policy from an online insurance company, you may be able to print out a temporary insurance card directly from their website.

Once you have the temporary car insurance card, you can legally start driving on public highways and roads. However, always make sure that you have a licensed driver with you that is at least 18 years old and has no restrictions or suspensions on his/her drivers license.