How to Get Cheap Temporary Car Insurance

January 27, 2012

If you need to borrow a vehicle from a friend or family member, rent a car, or otherwise use a vehicle that does not belong to you, you should find a cheap temporary car insurance policy to protect you from liability in the event of an accident. Here is a guide on how to find a cheap temporary insurance policy for a borrowed or rented vehicle.

What You Will Need

  • A Driver's license
  • Name and contact information of the Vehicle Owner
  • Name of the vehicle owner's insurance company
  • A personal computer
  • An Internet connection
  • Basic Internet research skills

Step 1 - Gather Required Information

First, gather all information you'll need when requesting policy quotes. For example, you'll need the name of the person that owns the vehicle as well as the name of their insurance company. You also need to provide your contact information, driver's license information and driving history. The insurance companies may request lien holder information or lender information for the vehicle you're borrowing.

Step 2 - Find Insurance Companies with a Search Engine

You can use major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google to quickly find car insurance companies that provide temporary coverage. In order to find the companies, simply enter search terms such as "temporary car insurance" or "one day car insurance" and click the search button. The search engine will then return many links that will lead you to sites where you can request quotes for this type of coverage.

Step 3 - Visit Temporary Car Insurance Websites

You can also find temporary insurance coverage information on websites that specialize in this type of coverage. Visit websites to submit a quote request to several companies that can provide temporary car insurance coverage.

Step 4 - Contact Local Car Insurance Agents

You should also consider contacting a few local independent agents in your area as well. Many car insurance companies offer temporary car insurance policies, and a local agent can help you find the best deals. So look in your local yellow pages to find these particular insurance agents.

Step 5 - Compare Rates

Next, you need to compare the rates for the quotes you receive. Carefully review all of the quotes and consider not only the price, but review the policy limits and types of coverage included. Or, choose the cheapest price if coverage options don't concern you.

Step 6 - Choose a Company

After you've carefully reviewed all of the quotes, you'll need to choose a company. Remember to choose the company that not only has a low price, but also select a company that balances a low price with adequate policy limits and coverage options.

Step 7 - Pay for the Coverage

Finally, you need to pay for the temporary insurance. Most companies that provide temporary insurance do not allow you to make installments on the coverage. So, you need to pay for the entire cost of the temporary coverage up front. Choose the payment method of your choice and make the payment for the coverage.

Step 8- Receive Certificate of Coverage

After you pay for the temporary car insurance policy, you should be able to print out a certificate of insurance or receipt for the temporary coverage. If you don't have a printer, make sure you have the insurance company send you a certificate of insurance ID card as soon as possible.