Cool Car Paint: Understanding Which Paint Type Makes it Pop

January 27, 2012

If you are looking for a cool car paint, then you will need to consider a number of different types and styles, depending upon the sort of car that you have. Getting a car to look great, and attract the eye, can be caused by different colors, depending upon the type of vehicle that you own. If you want a great looking car for very little, then you should also consider that you have not got the range of options that some , with more cash, may be able to get. The type of car paint that you buy should suit your personality, but also bring out the true character of your car, without making either look unwanted.

Types of Car Paint

If you have a brand new car, then there are many more car paints available to you than if you have an older auto. The best new car paints, such as egg yellow, or gold, will suit newer models, as they are built to look more 'outgoing' as a car, rather than traditional styles which simply serve to keep the car covered with a coat of paint. Younger colors suit younger cars, so if you so have a new car, then  you should consider a paint job which has bright pastels, such as sky blue, yellow, sunset colors, and even the bright white that has just been developed, and looks much 'whiter' than the more traditional white on cars.

Avoid Dark Colors

Unless you have an SUV or four wheel drive car, then you are probably best advised to avoid dark colors such as blacks and browns, as these can make the car look more unattractive. Dark colors are more suitable for those sorts of vehicles, as too bright colors can look absurd (such as yellow on an SUV), and white may make you look like an ambulance. you should take care not to damage your car's appearance by using the wrong colors for the wrong type of vehicle.

Paint Which Pops

More modern car paint colors try to pop out of the background at the user, and while this can be a negative thing, for example making you a target for thieves and vandals, you will also be easily spotted in a crowd, and people may soon come to recognize you as well as the car. If you are looking for a color that pops, your best method for finding new trends in car paints is to look at adverts for cars. These will often display the new colors that you can use on particular models, so a Toyota may have brighter blues, or a Ka will have colors such as red or white. These colors help you to get a good idea of what will suit your car.