Three Reasons to Get Car Rust Protection

January 27, 2012

Whether you purchase a vehicle new or used, the dealership is likely to offer car rust protection. Although the protection offered by the dealership may be costly, it is worth considering if you plan to keep your vehicle for many years. Although all cars come with rust proofing from the factory, this treatment is not always as thorough as the protection offered by the dealership. If you do agree to car rust proofing at the dealership or a third-party auto repair center, make sure that the vehicle is dry before the rust proofing is completed; this will keep moisture from getting trapped in between the car's undercarriage and the rust proofing layer. You should consider rust protection for the following reasons:

  1. Prevent Car Rust: Preventing car rust is important to all owners, whether they have a new or a used vehicle. If you plan on keeping your vehicle for many years and you live in any area susceptible to snow where salt is used to clean the roads, rust proofing can keep the body of your vehicle in like-new condition.
  2. Increase Resale Value: Although rust proofing can be a large initial investment, it can significantly increase the resale value of your vehicle. Not only will your vehicle's body be in better shape, your rustproofing certificate or warranty will also show subsequent owners that are serious about maintenance.
  3. Prevent Future Repairs: Many parts of your vehicle are integrally connected to the undercarriage and suspension, of which both are quite susceptible to rust. Having rust proofing will keep these important parts of your vehicle from rusting away. This will save you money in possible future repairs.

Although rust proofing can be a big investment in your vehicle, this simple service can help maintain the exterior of your vehicle and protect one of your most expensive possessions.