A Valve Spring Compressor Buying Guide

January 27, 2012

A valve spring compressor is a car repair tool that is designed to help you service or replace valve springs in the right manner. There are different types of valve spring compressors available in the market. These compressors vary in terms of durability, construction and price. If you're looking for a basic valve spring compressor that can replace broken valve springs or guide seals with the cylinder head on, consider purchasing the KD 912 valve spring compressor. It's manufactured by KD tools and costs only $9. Alternatively, you could purchase a heavy duty valve spring compressor with an adjustable arm for $96 from Proform Performance Parts. These tools help you get the job done quickly and without causing any harm to yourself or your vehicle.

Door Spring Compressor

A door spring compressor is similar to the valve spring compressor but is designed to repair and install car door hinge springs. It's always important to read the product manual to know how to correctly repair door springs on your own. If you find that your car door is sagging or doesn't open and shut easily, you might have to replace the old springs with new ones. There are several door spring compressors available in the price range of $7 and $40.Some tools are specifically manufactured for GM car doors. You should thus do your research to find a compressor that's ideal for your vehicle.

Spring Compressor Strut

If you wish to replace factory springs to give your vehicle a customized appearance, you should try using coil springs or struts. A strut spring compressor can compress a coil spring or replace a spring set quickly and safely. Look for spring compressor struts that are fabricated with ductile alloy cast hooks for durability. Few good spring compressor struts available for sale include the OEM 25550 Strut Spring Compressor, MacPherson Strut Spring Compressor and the wall mounted BRN 7400 Strut Spring Compressor.

Coil Spring Compressor

Coil springs that give a vehicle its height, tend to get damaged due to wear and tear. When this happens, there is a significant drop in vehicle height and this in turn causes bad handling. To replace coil springs, you will have to use a coil spring compressor and the correct jack stands that support the vehicle during repairs. Although these tools may be available at most local hardware stores, you should research the Internet to find good deals. There may be certain wholesalers that offer you discounted rates online.

It's important to inspect your vehicle periodically so that you replace worn out parts in time. Certain damaged parts compromise the safety of your vehicle. It's best to refer to your owner's manual and service the vehicle on time. Although there are several online tutorials and DIY kits that teach you how to replace springs and valves, take the assistance of a professional mechanic if you're carrying out repairs for the first time.