The Best Mock Driving Theory Test Websites

May 31, 2012

Online mock driving theory tests can go a long way to helping you pass your driving test the first time you take it. They can alleviate some of the stress involved by giving you sample questions and practice with the information being tested. The following is a list of websites with practice tests.

  • a great deal of resources for new drivers, this site offers driving information for every state in the country. The site offers practice driving tests and free sample driving theory tests
  • is not an official DMV website but it does offer a free guide and useful tools for preparing for the written driving test in every state. There are some official state DMV websites that also offer free mock tests. You need to search each state individually for their websites
  • I Drive Safely.This website provides practice lessons and mock driver's theory tests online. It has a money back guarantee, twenty-four hour online and phone customer service and is approved by the DMV. The fees are fixed with no hidden costs
  • Permit tests 4 free.Providing free and quick online practice tests, this website offers state specific information for the U.S. and province specific information for Canada. The test is easy to take and the mock theory questions are realistically phrased
  • website offers state specific information in an innovative mock test format. They provide immediate feedback to over two hundred and fifty practice questions. The tests have been designed and written by drivers' education teachers and DMV employees. A free online practice test is available by visiting the website

A Caution on Online Mock Driving Tests

Go to approved sites that pass a virus check to lead you to reputable mock driving tests online. You should use caution when clicking on unfamiliar links if you are not sure about the referenced website. Some mock driving test sites can be a dead links that lead to malicious software being downloaded on your computer.

Do Mock Driving Tests Improve Driver Awareness?

A mock driving test should improve a driver's awareness. In this simulated test, the driver is given a challenge or obstacle and tested on how well they react to the situation presented. A good mock driving test should provide an assessment after the driving test situation has been administered. It should also be designed to test the driver on the road rules in the state in which the driver resides and is licensed or about to become licensed.

Performing Periodic Mock Driving Tests
It is a good idea for all drivers to test their driving skills on a periodic basis, perhaps once every two to three years. Although road rules do not change as frequently as that, it is always helpful have your driving skills tested and assessed. A mock driving test does this for you without the need to get behind the wheel and on the road.