Why Used Airbags Should be Deflated

January 27, 2012

Used airbags can be a dangerous addition to your car. After an airbag deploys and serves its purpose, the cost of replacing the airbag or resetting it can be quite high. Many times the cost of replacing used side airbags is well over $1,000 per bag, for instance. It's important that you properly deal with deflated airbags and those that have previously deployed as well, as they can pose a safety risk for you and the other people in your vehicle.

Lack of New Airbags

If you don't deflate and then replace the airbag after it has deflated, you'll need to drive carefully to avoid being in an accident. The airbag will be quite large and in the way of your vision, and can also be an added danger because you won't have an airbag ready to deploy if you should get into another accident.

Other Concerns

Having the large airbag simply sit out in front of the area where it deployed, will not be suitable for most vehicles. The airbag will take up a large amount of space and may impede your ability to drive correctly and safely. For this reason, it's a good idea to have your used and deployed airbag reinstalled or deflated before you continue to operate your vehicle.

For service organizations and companies that will deflate your airbags or reinstall them in your car, look in your local phone directory or ask a mechanic who is certified in your area for additional advice.