Acura Certified Pre-Owned Program

December 5, 2014

Information on Acura Certified Pre-Owned financing options, vehicle inspection standards, the CPO vehicle warranty, and more.

For those who may not be able to afford a new Acura, but want to be behind the wheel of a reliable, luxurious, sophisticated vehicle, a CPO sold by Acura comes with the uncompromising standards of a brand new Acura. All Acura CPO vehicles are less than six years old and have less than 80,000 miles.

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Acura Certification Standards and Inspection

In addition to the stringent Acura quality regulations each Acura CPO is guaranteed to be a well-maintained, late-model Acura. Acura Dealership technicians put every CPO vehicle through a detailed 150-point inspection and a Vehicle History Report review. Each VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and VIN plate is checked for accuracy and placement. An Acura CPO vehicle must meet stringent standards and pass every test or it will be excluded from the CPO vehicle program.

An Acura CPO vehicle inspection includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Unibody inspection. For possible prior damages
  • Mechanical inspection. Engine oil and filter, air filter, automatic transmission fluid, differential and rear differential fluid, brake fluid, disc brake pads, brake shoes, floor mats, wiper blades, coolant, tires, antenna mast. Each Acura CPO arrives with at least two master keys, one valet and one remote. A scheduled maintenance will be performed within 3 months or 2500 miles of service interval
  • Road test. Cold and hot checks for starting, starter, transmission and transaxle noise, idle vibration and engine noise are performed in addition to acceleration, engine operating temperature, drivability, AT shift quality and points, MT shifter operation and clutch, CV joint and drive axle noise, parking brake, steering wheel, cruise control, speedometer and odometer checks, horn operation, wind noise and rattles, heater and air conditioner operation and performance and body and suspension performance
  • Under the hood. Covers all aspects of maintenance under the hood like the alternator, battery, water pump, distributor, ignition system, fuel system and filter, radiator, coolant recovery tank, coolant, cooling fan and hoses, AC compressor and condenser, heater and engine valve, transmission mount, power steering and overall engine condition
  • Exterior and interior. Head, brake, running, license plate, tail, and turn signal lights, parking, fog and back-up lamps and emergency flasher. The interior inspection includes all gauge and interior light operation, audio and navigation system if applicable, mirror and window operation, air bag and safety features, seat belt functionality, alarm system, glove and trunk compartment, and all release knobs
  • Appearance. Interior and exterior door, fender, bumper, grille, hood, roof, windshield, dash and console checks for damages.
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Acura takes its CPO vehicle inspections very seriously and minute details are of the most importance. A complete vehicle dossier is located in every CPO glove box including the owner and new car warranty manual, CARFAX Vehicle History Report, 150-point inspection checklist, radio security and navigation code and a maintenance journal.

Acura CPO Vehicle Warranty

An Acura CPO vehicle warranty is valid for 12-month/12,000 mile warranty and a 7-year/100,000 Powertrain Limited Warranty from the date of purchase, with no deductible. Normal repairs or replacements of components that fail under normal use due to defects in materials or merchandise, made under this warranty are of no cost to the buyer. The Acura CPO vehicle warranty also provides 24-hr. roadside assistance and emergency towing, computerized trip routing, emergency fuel delivery and lock-out service, trip interruption benefits and Acura Concierge service.

For a full list of components that are covered or excluded from the Acura CPO warranty, visit the company's Warranty Coverage page.

Financing an Acura CPO Vehicle

When financing any vehicle, the buyer has a few options. A bank, credit union, or online finance company can help you with the financing. However, Acura CPO vehicle financing is comparable to new car terms and finance rate. Acura stands behind its CPO vehicles; therefore CPO vehicle owners are eligible for the same low interest rates and longer terms as new car owners.

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Acura offers an online Certified Pre-Owned finance calculator for 24-60 months and a user-friendly, quick and easy finance application.

All Acura CPO vehicle owners has complimentary access to My Acura, which is an online source for owner information including service reminders, service records, scheduling, appearance, roadside and vehicle operation tips, special incentives and offers and the capabilities of buying Acura parts and accessories.