Certified Pre Owned Inspection Sheet Comparison

January 27, 2012

There is a bunch of certified pre owned vehicle buying tips available that can help to ensure that you get the best possible deal available when it comes to purchasing a used car. The used car buying tips that are going to get you the best deal are the ones that are most important.

There are used car dealership lots that will offer a good deal on a used car and will honestly inform you of all problems that might be associated with the purchase of a used car. There are some used car maintenance programs that will cover some of the functions in the used car. Some functions could include the motor. Depending on the problem with the motor will depend on if the car dealership feels that they are entitled to replacing or repairing the motor. In some states there are legal situations that make the dealership be held responsible for the used car sales for a matter of time. Depending on the state will depend on how long they are responsible. The used car dealership can go above and beyond the states matter of time that is appointed but will at least have to honor the amount of time that is set by law.

The first used car buying tips to keep in mind is the warranty that will be offered on the vehicle. You will want to know for sure if something was to happen the moment you drive off form the used car dealership lot who would pay for the repairs of the fault that caused the car to malfunction. You will want to have this warranty information on file and signed to be sure that if a problem was to occur that the responsible party will be held legally responsible. With a certified pre owned inspection sheet the items on the sheet will tell you what problems have been reported with this vehicle and what was done to solve the problem. The certified pre owned inspection sheet will be offered to you for a small fee if a fee is charged at all. The next tip that should be followed is to be sure to test drive the vehicle and take someone with you that might know a little something about a car to be sure that everything feels right within the test drive. This means that the car or truck handles appropriately and correct. The motor should sound and feel right when being listened to and when checked. Having someone with you that knows about cars will make the inspection go smoother as they know what to be specifically looked for. Other such used car buying tips include that all paperwork is in legal order and is signed by not just you but the used car dealership as well.

These are all some used car buying tips that should be followed when purchasing a used car. All questions should be discussed with the used car dealership before driving off the lot and before all paperwork is signed and legal to binding both parties to the specifics of the used car.

Related Questions and Answers

What are the Typical Items on a Certified Pre Owned Vehicle Inspection Sheet?

Depending on the manufacturer, the certified preowned vehicle inspection sheet includes much of the following information: Make, model, year, miles driven, checks, and tests performed. Honda and Toyota perform between 120 and 150 tests and checks, so that a vehicle will qualify for the certified pre-owned program. A certified pre-owned vehicle usually has at least one full year of warranty coverage (bumper-to-bumper), and then will have a substantially increased drivetrain warranty. A Honda certified vehicle's powertrain warranty is extended from the current five years/50,000 miles, up to seven years and 100,000 miles.

What is the Average Fee for a Certified Pre Owned Auto Inspection Sheet?

For the buyer, the auto inspection sheet will be free. It is included as part of the documentation that must be included with a car that shows that it is part of the certified pre-owned program. Signed by the technician who performed the inspection, it covers the entire vehicle and all of its systems. The Certified Pre-owned Programs of automakers will generally cost a minimum of $400, but can extend to more than $1,000, and most are not transferable. However, BMW's Certified Preowned Auto program does allow transfers from one owner to the next. BMW's program is, by far, the most comprehensive.