Four Tips for Buying Certified Pre Owned Trucks

January 27, 2012

When you're buying certified pre owned trucks, it pays to include attention to the critical details of your purchase. Here are some general tips:

  1. Make Sure the Vehicle is Manufacturer Certified - A true "certified pre owned truck" will carry a manufacturer's warranty showing that it meets strict criteria from the auto maker. Dealers and other parties may have their own programs where the manufacturer's name implies that the contract is backed by the auto maker. Don't accept less than an authentic factory-backed deal.
  2. Buy for Transfer at Resale - Many manufacturer certified warranties will transfer to future owners. Include this element if you think you will ever be selling your truck.
  3. Get an Appropriate Feature Set - A manufacturer warranty and certification can be great for assuring value in a truck, but you still might be in trouble if you end up "overbuying"--some of the modern trucks include many items that can wear out of get damaged during use. Make sure to look for moderate feature packages that fit your specific needs.
  4. Buy According to Use - A truck that you use to haul fertilizer or equipment is not going to work like a truck that you use to make calls on clients or to transport passengers. Think about your specific needs for a truck before getting into a certified pre owned deal.

The above can help customers get the most out of shopping for a certified pre owned truck deal from local participating dealerships who can offer the reliability of a manufacturer-backed warranty and certification.

Related Questions and Answers

How Much More Money will I Pay for Pre-Certified Used Cars?

Pre-certified used cars are more expensive than normal used cars. This is due to the fact that the car is thoroughly checked out and fixed up by the dealer or manufacturer before it is sold. Certified pre-owned cars also come with a limited warranty, which is not very common with normal used vehicles. While there are benefits of buying a certified pre-owned car, they do come at a premium. Most industry experts agree that buying a certified pre-owned car will cost between 2%-10% of the vehicles price more than a regular used vehicle. The additional cost provides numerous benefits and can be well worth the expense.

Who are the Most Popular/Best Auto Warranty Companies?

A list of the best auto warranty companies would include both independent warranty companies as well as the manufacturer extended warranties. All of the major auto manufacturers offer an extended warranty service for their customers. These warranties are often more inclusive, and offer a bit better coverage. In many cases they are more expensive as well. When it comes to third party warranty companies, there are hundreds to choose from. Most dealerships will work with a few different companies, so your choices will be limited to that. A couple of the major third party warranty companies are Warranty Direct and Auto Service Warranty, Inc.

Are Warranties Included in Truck Invoice Prices?

If you are buying a new truck, then a warranty is definitely included in truck invoice prices. If on the other hand you are purchasing a used vehicle, then the answer to that question will depend on the vehicle being purchased. All new trucks and cars come with a warranty. The parts covered by the warranty and warranty period will depend on the manufacturer of the vehicle. In the case of used cars, it will depend on the age of the vehicle and the dealer you are buying the car from. Many used car dealers offer a limited warranty. Third party extended warranties are also an option when it comes to used vehicles.

Can I Get a Vehicle Service Agreement after I've Purchased the Car?

Vehicle service agreements are basically the same as an extended warranty. Extended warranties can be purchased at any time. Though, the longer you wait, the more expensive they become and the less they cover. The majority of vehicle service agreements are purchased at the dealership when taking possession of the vehicle. It is possible to buy one later from a third party vendor. These companies can easily be found by doing a Google search. The longer you wait and the more miles the vehicle racks up, the more expensive the warranty will be. As the vehicle gets older, warranty companies will cover fewer repairs. At a certain point the car will be too old to cover.