Land-Rover Certified Pre-Owned Program

August 15, 2013

If you are in the market for a Land Rover, but cannot afford a brand new vehicle, you have the option of buying a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Land Rover instead of buying a used car. While there are similarities between buying a used car and a CPO, the differences are significant.

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For those who may not be able to afford a new Land Rover, but want to be behind the wheel of a reliable, solid vehicle a CPO sold by Land Rover comes with the uncompromised standards of a brand new Land Rover.

Land Rover Certification Standards & Inspection

In addition to the rigorous Land Rover quality regulations, each Land Rover CPO is guaranteed to be a well-maintained, late-model Land Rover. Land Rover trained technicians put every CPO vehicle through a 140-point mechanical and cosmetic inspection and a CARFAX Vehicle History Report.

A Land Rover CPO vehicle inspection includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Preliminary and General- This checks the vehicles history, recalls and campaigns performed and conducts the next scheduled service performed if within 2,500 miles or 3 months of next needed service. It also checks for the owner's manual and Passport to Service and all vehicle keys and transmitters.

  • Exterior-This includes VIN authentication, lamps, body and paint, convertible top (if applicable), windshield, wipers, doors, fuel filler and cap, windows, bumper, grill, trim and molding condition.

  • Luggage Area-Checks the spare tire, tool kit, manual fuel lid release, CD magazine (if applicable), trim and carpet condition, convertible top condition and trunk lid.

  • Engine Area-This portion of the check includes the hood releases and locks, transmission system, fluid levels, transfer case, power steering system, cooling system, brakes, clutch, all filters, wires, vacuum hoses, engine vacuum and compression, emissions, noise, drive belts, fuel pump, lines and hoses.

  • Interior-This includes the condition of the wood, leather and carpets, glove compartment, console, ashtray, sun visor, airbag, dashboard lights, child safety door latches, seat belts, tilt/telescopic steering column, rear window shades, mirrors, door handles and all trim.

  • Electrical Systems-This checks the stored engine, transmission and brake system codes, interior lamps, vanity, sunroof, window and central locking operations, seat adjustments, clock, lighter/power outlet, horn, wipers, washer jets, instrument panel warning lamps, windshield, blower motor, door, trunk and hood lamps, radio, cassette and CD Operation, speakers, battery, starter and alarm system.

  • Heating/Air Conditioning Systems-Operation in manual and automatic modes, air distribution, recirculation and temperature.

  • Undercarriage & Drivetrain-This checks the body frame, suspension, shocks and struts, steering rack, fluid leaks, engine and transmission mounts, brake lines, pads, disks and calipers, exhaust system, catalytic converter, bearings, wheels and tires and Universal CV joints and boots.

  • Road Test-Includes engine start-up and performance, gauges, fluid leaks, trip computer, cruise control, transmission shift, noise levels and vibration, alignment, handling and stability, brakes, safety features, heating and AC and navigation and Voice Activation system (if fitted).

Land Rover takes its CPO vehicle inspections very seriously and minute details are of the most importance.

Land Rover CPO Vehicle Warranty

A Land Rover CPO vehicle Limited Warranty is valid for 5-year/62,000 miles from the date of original purchase with an "appropriate" deductible. Beyond the new car warranty, Land Rover offers additional coverage and provides complimentary 24-hour roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement for up to $35 a day for up to six days.

For a full explanation of Land Rover CPO warranty and assistance, visit: Land Rover US - Certified Pre-Owned - Warranty & Assistance.

Financing a Land Rover CPO Vehicle

When financing any vehicle, the buyer has a few options. A bank, credit union, or online finance company can help you with the financing. However, Land Rover retailers have the most current offer and financing information. Land Rover offers a payment estimator and calculator and other financial information at: Land Rover US - Certified Pre-Owned - Special Offers.

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