Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Program

March 15, 2013

Buying a used Lexus from a private seller is risky, but a Lexus Certified Pre-Owned (Lexus CPO) car has been thoroughly inspected by the dealership.

Lexus Interior

For those who may be able to afford a new Lexus, but want to be behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle, a CPO Lexus is the perfect alternative, as a CPO sold by Lexus comes with Lexus' signature white-glove customer service.

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Lexus Certification Standards and Inspection

In addition to the rigorous quality, customer confidence and reliability assurance standards set out by specially-trained Lexus technicians and quality-control managers, Lexus puts every CPO vehicle through a 161-point inspection. A CPO vehicle must meet each and every standard and pass every test or it will be excluded from the CPO vehicle program.

A Lexus CPO vehicle inspection includes, but is not limited to:

  • A Carfax history report.
  • The vehicle exterior. Exterior appearance inspection for dents or scratches, vehicle identification, exterior lights, keys and door lock systems.
  • The vehicle interior. Interior appearance inspection, seat belts, upholstery, seat operation, power windows & locks, trunk and fuel lid release, glove compartment, steering wheel and windshield wipers, dashboard lights, C-best, SRS including airbags, rear defogger, air conditioner/heater, interior lights, audio/navigation system, moonroof, convertible top, clock, cigarette lighter, ashtray, cupholders, inside and outside rearview mirrors.
  • The luggage compartment. Covers all aspects of the trunk including the spare tire, tool kit and first aid kit.
  • Under the hood. Engine hood release, fluid levels, all engine mechanics, computer diagnosis, battery and engine fans.
  • Under the vehicle. Tires, wheels and wheel alignment, brake inspection (at least 50% of the brake pad must be intact), full chassis inspection, under vehicle fluid levels.
  • Road testing. Engine, brakes, indicator lights, transmission, steering/suspension, cruise control, noise, vibrations, squeaks or rattles.
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Lexus takes its CPO vehicle inspections very seriously and minute details are of the most importance. Even a minor nuisance can disqualify a vehicle from the CPO program.

Lexus CPO Vehicle Warranty

Lexus offers an exclusionary warranty on its CPO vehicles and in some cases the warranty is better than some new vehicle warranties, as it may offer the same coverage and privileges that new-car buyers receive. A Lexus CPO vehicle warranty is valid for 3 years/100,000 miles from the date of purchase, with no deductible. Normal repairs or replacements of components that fail under normal use due to defects in materials or merchandise, made under this warranty are of no cost to the buyer, except as indicated under exclusions. The Lexus CPO vehicle warranty also provides roadside assistance, trip interruption service or a loaner car.

The engine, transmission, front or rear-wheel drive or axles, steering, brakes (excluding rotors or pads), the fuel system, AC and heating systems, the cooling system, electrical, computer, restraint system, wheels and accessories and controls are all covered under the Lexus CPO vehicle warranty.

Lexus CPO Vehicle Warranty Exclusions

Standard upkeep items like spark plugs, windshield wiper blades, batteries, and fluids are not covered under the warranty. Wear and tear of shoes, drums, manual clutches are also not included. Other items that are not covered under the Lexus CPO vehicle warranty are accessories and recommended component replacements or repairs.

For a full list of components that are not covered by the Lexus CPO vehicle warranty and a detailed explanation of the warranty, visit the Lexus warranty page.

Financing a Lexus CPO Vehicle

When financing any vehicle, the buyer has a few options. A bank, credit union, or online finance company can help you with the financing. However, Lexus CPO vehicle financing is comparable to new car terms and finance rate. Lexus stands behind its CPO vehicles; therefore CPO vehicle owners are eligible for the same low interest rates and longer terms as new car owners. Lexus CPO vehicle buyers will be provided with complimentary car washes, concierge services, complimentary loaner cars, free first oil and filter change. A CPO vehicle owner will also belong to the Lexus National Service History Database, which stores Lexus maintenance history. In addition, Lexus offers a CPO Program Comparison which provides potential buyers an unbiased comparison chart of over 10 other automobile manufacturers CPO vehicle programs. This chart can be accessed at the Lexus CPO Competitive Comparison Overview. Also check Lexus website for special deals or incentives on CPO vehicles.

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