Scion Certified Pre-Owned Program

March 15, 2013

For those who may not be able to afford a new Scion, but want to be behind the wheel of a reliable, solid vehicle, a CPO sold by Scion comes with the uncompromised standards of a brand new Scion. All Scion CPO vehicles are less than six model years old and have less than 85,000 miles.

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Scion Certification Standards & Inspection

In addition to the stringent Scion quality regulations each Scion CPO is guaranteed to be a well-maintained, late-model Scion. Scion trained technicians put every CPO vehicle through a 160 +-point mechanical and cosmetic inspection and a CARFAX Vehicle History Report review.

A Scion CPO vehicle inspection includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Vehicle History-CARFAX Vehicle History Report.
  • Emissions and State Inspection-Emissions test and state inspection if required.
  • Frame, Structure & Underbody-This checks the frame, body surface, panel alignment, lower body and exhaust systems and hangers.
  • Engine Compartment-This includes an oil change and filter replacement and inspects for fuel leaks. This portion of the inspection also includes checks on idling, noise, throttle, drivability, temperatures, fans, vibrations, belts and hoses, engine mount, cleanliness, filters and all fluid levels.
  • Battery System-This inspects all battery components and cables.
  • Engine Coolant & HVAC System-Checks all aspects of the vehicle's heating and cooling systems.
  • Braking System-Inspects brakes, calipers, lines, hoses, ABS operation, parking brake, rotors, drums, brake pedal and brake and shoes.
  • Transmission/Transaxle-This checks for smooth operation of transmission, clutch and differential.
  • Steering System-Inspects all aspects of steering system including the steering wheel and column and rack, linkage, bushings, control arms and dust boots.
  • Tire & Suspension System-Inspects tires, wheels, struts, shocks and CV boots and joints.
  • Lighting System-Involves checking all vehicle lights including warning, headlamp, tail, brake, side marker, backup, license plate, heater, dash, turn signal, flasher, defogger and dome/courtesy lights.
  • Instrument Panel & Electronic Systems-Checks for keys, all gauges, horn, airbags, speedometer and odometer, cruise control, clock, wiper system, wiper blades, mirrors, windows and seating adjustments.
  • Audio & Alarm Systems-Inspects all audio and alarms system equipment.
  • Interior Condition & Appearance-Inspects mirrors, window tinting, lighter, ashtray, upholstery, floor mats, carpets, trim, cup holders, doors, locks, seats, headrests, seatbelts, remote releases, cleanliness and glove compartment.
  • Exterior Condition & Appearance-Checks cleanliness, glass, mirrors, bumpers, dents, dings, paint, latches and aftermarket items.
  • Trunk Compartment & Spare-Inspects trunk lights, trim, jacks, tools, spare tire and cleanliness.
  • Additional Items (where applicable)-Checks fade-away dome lights, sunroof, radio security code and rear bumper.
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Scion takes its CPO vehicle inspections very seriously and minute details are of the most importance.

Scion CPO Vehicle Warranty

A Scion CPO vehicle Comprehensive Warranty is valid for 3-month/3,000 miles. Beyond the comprehensive warranty with a $50 deductible, Scion offers a 7-year/100,000 Powertrain and Roadside Assistance Warranty for added security.

For a full list of components (and additional details) that are covered or excluded from the Scion CPO warranty, visit:

Financing a Scion CPO Vehicle

When financing any vehicle, the buyer has a few options. A bank, credit union, or online finance company can help you with the financing. However, Toyota/Scion CPO vehicle standard financing is comparable to new car terms and finance rate. Toyota/Scion also offers payment options and special offers; therefore Toyota/Scion CPO vehicle owners are eligible for the same low interest rates as new car buyers.

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Toyota/Scion offers online financial services at: Toyota Financial Services: Resource Center Home.