Car Registration » Catalytic Converter Installation

Smog Check Basics

Learn how to check a car's smog test history, which states require a smog check for registration, and how to tell if your car needs a smog inspection.

Drivers Licenses » Passing Drivers License Test

DMV CDL Test Requirements and Tips

Learn commerical drivers license requirements common to all states, and 4 tips that can nudge commercial drivers license test takers toward a passing grade.

Paperwork and Laws » For Sale Sign

DMV Fees Due When Selling or Buying a Car

If you wait until the last minute to pay DMV fees when transferring a title, you may get snagged by unexpected fees. Deal with DMV fees the right way.

License Plates » Replacement License Plates

How to Get a Replacement License Plate or Stickers

The exact details of getting a replacement license plate or replacement sticker will vary by state, but they all follow a broad 4-step process.