4 Sample DMV Test Questions and Answers

March 18, 2013

If you will be taking the DMV test this year, then you have to know how the test is carried out. This article aims to guide you in how to go about giving the DMV test. But as a precaution, keep yourself updated through your state's Official Website.

How is an Ordinary DMV Test Carried Out?

Most states will have an online portal where you can log on and put in your details. You can then take the test online. An ordinary DMV test asks questions about the road signs you can see on the roads, road traffic regulations, and laws that are applicable to you. Most states will provide you with a handbook you have to refer to. All questions that are asked will be from the handbook. If you are planning to give the test online, then you have to get a JAVA script enabled browser or there are chances the test will not be recorded properly.

Do I have to Pay a Fee for the Test?

Yes you do have to pay for the test and the amount will vary from state to state. Make sure you check with the right state for applying for the test.

Where Can I Find DMV Practice Test?

There are thousands of websites online where you can find free DMV test questions and answers ready for you to try out. Most of these online tests will also provide you with DMV test answers right after you apply for the test. A few free tests will also give you the test results in a separate list you can check. Check with each state website to find out how the questions are formatted. A usual paper is formatted with multiple choice answers. You will have to choose the right answer. One answer will be right and the others will be wrong or not appropriate. The questions are formulated so you can answer them easily. There is no need to be nervous.

Can You Give me an Idea of How the Test Questions Will be Asked?

Here are a few sample questions so that you get an idea of how the tests are formulated.


  1. Oregon's implied consent law means that by driving a motor vehicle you have implied you will:
  • Maintain liability insurance so long as you drive
  • You will take a blood or breath test if you are arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence
  • Post bail or appear in court if you are told to do so
  • Keep your car in top operating condition
  1. If you feel that your tires are going to lose traction on a slippery road during the rain you have to:
  • Move your foot off the pedal
  • Make sure that the steering wheel straight
  • Make sure that you do not stop or turn the car off the road
  • All of the above
  1. If your car safety belts are made up of two parts then you should:
  • Make sure that you use any one which is comfortable
  • Use only the shoulder belt
  • Use only the lap belt
  • Use both the lap and the seat belt
  1. By law you are supposed to use child restraint systems till the age of:
  • Children up to 10 years of age
  • Children under 4 years of age and with a weight of 40 pounds
  • Children 5-10 years of age
  • None of the above

Are there any Special DMV permit Tests that have to be Done for Special Licenses?

Yes there are. You will have to apply for separate DMV licenses for Commercial licenses, Regular licenses, and even special Motorcycle licenses. Please make sure you check with each individual state you are located in. You also have to apply for the license in the state you will be using the vehicle.