Porsche to Launch All Electric Sports Car

March 18, 2013
Porsche Boxster

While it may seem like every day a new automaker is announcing that it is working on producing an all electric car model for their line-up, Porsche is not just any old automaker. With the electric sports car market heating up in recent months with the IPO of Tesla motors and announcements by Honda and Toyota regarding their electric vehicle ambitions, Porsche recently announced that they too have begun working on an electric car based on its Boxster design.

While the Tesla Roadster is currently the reigning attention getter in terms of all electric sports cars, Porsche hopes to bring their brand of performance and power to the electric car market. The Boxster design, which Porsche has been making since 1996, may be the beneficiary of this new electric technology, although the company hasn't confirmed it will be using that design.

With Mercedes, Audi and Toyota all rumored to be working on an electric sports car of their own, Porsche will undoubtably have some stiff competition for the head of the class when it comes to electric cars.