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Since first entering the US market in 1959, Honda has been a bastion of reliability for American car owners. In 2010, the Japanese manufacturer introduced a new addition to its SUV line-up: the five-door Honda Crosstour hatchback. Based on the same platform as the Honda Accord, the Crosstour attempts to marry the convenience of an SUV with the styling of a sedan.

In the context of Honda's other SUV offerings, the Crosstour splits the difference between the smaller CR-V and the larger Pilot. The Crosstour offers two rows of seats for human cargo, and a spacious rear trunk for everything else. Now in its second generation, the 2013 Crosstour has undergone a subtle makeover. Honda streamlined the front end, reworked the hatch, and improved fuel economy across both the four-cylinder and V6 models.

Honda Crosstour Generations

2010 - 2014 Honda Crosstour

3/4 Front Glamour 2014 Honda Crosstour

Major changes included:

The 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour is all-new, and is classified as a crossover utility vehicle, or CUV, fitting neatly between the standard Honda Accord Sedan and the Honda Pilot. The Crosstour offers car buyers the driving demeanor of the Accord Sedan while also offering more cargo capacity and utility.

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