3/4 Front Glamour 2014 Nissan Xterra
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The Xterra made its way to the American market in 2000, and is now eight years into its second generation. At the start of the second generation, in 2005, Nissan redesigned the Xterra, making it larger and upping its horsepower. In 2009 the Xterra received a major facelift, with more colors and feature options.

Although it has undergone many changes over the years to make it more comfortable and entertaining, the Xterra's main strength is its off-road capabilities, which sets it apart from many competing SUV models. It handles rough terrain like a champ and makes use of a 4-liter V6 to power its adventures. It is easy to clean, offers plenty of cargo space, and has a handy roof rack and gear basket to stow extra supplies.

Those looking for a commuter SUV would most likely want to look at competing brands, but the Xterra is ideal for the buyer who likes to get a little mud on the tires.

Nissan Xterra Generations

2005 - 2014 Nissan Xterra

3/4 Front Glamour 2014 Nissan Xterra

Major changes included: The second generation Xterra was designed on a new platform shared by the Titan and Frontier. It uses a 4.0 liter V6 engine and a standard 6-speed manual transmission. It is offered in X, S, Off Road, SE trims, with air conditioning and Power features standard.

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