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2018 Volkswagen Phaeton

2018 Volkswagen Phaeton: Redesign News, Release Date

Volkswagen resurrects the Phaeton nameplate and hopes a luxury model will be its next halo car.

By Alex Bernstein - October 13, 2015
2018 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

2018 Jeep Grand Wagoneer: Model Info, Release Date

A new three-row SUV will be added to Jeep's growing lineup.

By Armaan Almeida - September 30, 2015
2017 Ford F-350

2017 Ford F-350: Redesign Info, Pricing, Release Date

Bigger, brawnier and even more capable than the impressive F-250.

By Armaan Almeida - September 25, 2015
2017 BMW X2

2017 BMW X2: Model Info, Pricing, Release Date

With crossover sales surging, BMW looks to add another model to their growing lineup.

By Armaan Almeida - September 23, 2015
2018 Honda CR-Z

2018 Honda CR-Z: Rumors, Release Date

Next-generation CR-Z will remain a hybrid.

By Armaan Almeida - September 14, 2015
2017 Nissan LEAF

2017 Nissan LEAF: Rumors and Release Date

The best-selling electric car is scheduled for a big redesign with a longer driving range.

By Armaan Almeida - September 11, 2015
2018 Dodge Challenger

2018 Dodge Challenger: News, Pricing and Release Date

Mopar fans, you're up next.

By Armaan Almeida - May 27, 2015
2017 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen Alltrack

2017 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen Alltrack: Overview, Pricing & Release Date

Volkswagen hopes to challenge competitors like the Subaru Outback with the SportWagen-derived Golf Alltrack.

By Alex Bernstein - April 27, 2015
2017 Ford GT

2017 Ford GT: Overview, Pricing & Release Date

Ford revives a legendary nameplate with cutting-edge technology into a new enthusiast supercar.

By Alex Bernstein - March 31, 2015
2018 Hyundai Santa Cruz

2018 Hyundai Santa Cruz: News, Pricing and Release Date

The millennial's version of the Chevy El Camino.

By Armaan Almeida - February 25, 2015
2018 Volkswagen Jetta

2018 Volkswagen Jetta: News, Pricing & Release Date

The Volkswagen Jetta is due for a major redesign in 2017 when it moves to the MQB platform.

By Alex Bernstein - February 11, 2015
2017 Audi Sport Quattro

2017 Audi Sport Quattro: News, Pricing and Release Date

A coupe with seating for five.

By Armaan Almeida - February 06, 2015
2020 Mazda RX-9

2020 Mazda RX-9: News and Release Date

Is this finally what Mazda aficionados have been waiting for?

By Armaan Almeida - January 23, 2015
2017 BMW Z2

2017 BMW Z2: Rumors, Updates

The most attractive roadster to come out of Munich since the 507.

By Armaan Almeida - January 21, 2015