3/4 Front Glamour 2014 Toyota Corolla
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Ask people to name a car known for its reliability, and there’s a good chance you’ll get the same answer again and again: Toyota Corolla. Buyers overlook average performance and fuel economy because they know it will run almost indefinitely with little maintenance.

The Corolla is now in its tenth generation, and treats buyers to far more options than the first cars built in the 1960s: Sunroofs, navigation systems and satellite radios are all available.

Toyota Corolla Generations

2014 - 2014 Toyota Corolla

3/4 Front Glamour 2014 Toyota Corolla

Major changes included:

The Corolla is completely redesigned for 2014, and several key features make it a stronger competitor in its class. The biggest improvement is the Corolla's updated continuously variable transmission (CVT), which greatly improves fuel economy. A new trim, the LE Eco, offers class-leading mpg numbers, achieving up to 42 mpg on the highway.

The appearance of the Corolla is also refreshed, with a wider frame, bold front grille, and longer front end. Inside, an extra five inches are now available for rear seat passengers. The cabin offers a variety of upscale features. Keyless entry is now standard on all levels except the base, and keyless ignition is available as an upgrade.

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2009 - 2013 Toyota Corolla

3/4 Front Glamour 2013 Toyota Corolla

Major changes included:

The tenth-generation Corolla adds more shoulder room with its wider frame. It is available in LE, S, XLE and XRS trims. A 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine drives all but the XRS, which is equipped with a 2.4-liter inline-four. Keyless startup and a navigation system are optional.

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2003 - 2008 Toyota Corolla

3/4 Front Glamour 2008 Toyota Corolla

Major changes included:

Corolla grows once again, offering a roomier interior, more horsepower and a more generous list of standard features.

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1998 - 2002 Toyota Corolla

3/4 Front Glamour 2002 Toyota Corolla

Major changes included:

Bigger in size yet lighter in weight thanks to new all-aluminum engines, this generation's Corolla also boasts increased fuel economy and more horsepower.

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1993 - 1997 Toyota Corolla

null 1997 Toyota Corolla

Major changes included:

Larger dimensions move Corolla from "subcompact" to "compact" status. Available as a sedan or wagon, with antilock brakes finally available as an option across the line. The wagon is dropped in 1997.

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