Top 10 Best Used Luxury Cars to Buy

April 2, 2013

Get the benefits of luxury cars without the bulk of the depreciation. The following 10 used luxury cars offer the best value for the money.

When it comes to choosing a great used luxury vehicle, you will want to know some of the best used luxury cars available on the market today. Most luxury vehicles tend to be $30,000 or more on their initial sticker price and can go as high as $100,000 or more depending on the model. These used luxury cars can be found in good condition for anywhere between $18,000 and $28,000 dollars.

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Acura MDX (2005-2006)

The Acura MDX is a mid-size SUV that can seat up to 7 passengers comfortably and has very attractive physical styling cues. This generation comes with a 3.5-Liter 6-cylinder engine that puts out 253 horsepower with a five-speed automatic transmission. As with all Acura products, the safety features are plentiful and impressive, making this a great luxury vehicle.

Acura TL (2006-2007)

The Acura TL is a mid-size four door sedan that comes with a 3.2-Liter V6 that puts out 258 horsepower for great performance. If wanted, an option of the TL type-S is made, with a more-powerful 283 horsepower engine with performance in mind. This car also has legendary Acura safety and very attractive luxurious features.

BMW 3-Series (2005-2006)

The 3-Series has been around for a long time with a proven track record of performance and luxury amenities. Depending on the model and year, engine output ranged from 2.5-Liters 184 horsepower to 3.0-Liters and 255 horsepower for any kind of driver.

Infiniti FX35 (2005-2006)

The Infiniti FX35 is a great value for those looking for a sporty SUV. These cars are appointed with plenty of luxury features, and come with rear-wheel drive for sporty feel and an available intelligent all-wheel drive for adverse weather conditions. For this generation, the vehicle is also equipped with a powerful 3.5-Liter V6 that puts out 280 horsepower and is very reliable.

Infiniti M35 (2006)

The Infiniti M35 is considered by many as one of the best luxury cars of 2006, and comes with standard features that would cost thousands more from pricier car makers. With the same drive platform as the FX35, the M35 performs great for a large mid-size sedan and has plenty of technology and luxury for those with the most exquisite taste. This car is also available in all-wheel drive for those concerned with adverse weather.

Lexus RX (2004-2005)

The Lexus RX is a very reliable mid-size luxury SUV that comes with everything you would expect from a Lexus, ranging from high-quality leather to the latest in technology. The RX gets competitive gas mileage and has one of the smoothest rides possible for an SUV.

Lexus GS (2005-2006)

As with all Lexus models, the GS has some of the best build quality, safety, performance, luxury, and reliability found in the luxury car market to date. With performance that competes with the best in class in virtually every area, there's no doubt that any Lexus would be worth considering.

Lincoln MKZ (2007)

The Lincoln MKZ is a fully-loaded mid-size sedan paired with a 263 horsepower 6-cylinder engine for great performance. This car is available in standard front-wheel drive or the optional all-wheel drive for any kind of driver. Safety, luxury, and plenty of features for the price is what you will get with a vehicle like the MKZ.

Porsche 911 (1998)

For those who want one of the best performance known in the world of super-cars, you will want to consider the Porsche 911. Although it is a '98, the 911 offers some of the highest performance known to date in any vehicle. Although it isn't like any of the Porsche's today, the 1998 911 packed a 3.6-Liter 282 horsepower engine for plenty of kick, with legendary Porsche name and performance.

Volvo S60 (2006-2007)

The Volvo S60 has some of the most attractive design cues on the road today, and can be found at one or two years old in near perfect condition still. The benefit here would be the various engine types and drivetrains ranging from 208 horsepower to 300 horsepower from the turbocharged option. Attractive styling and luxury features are a common factor to consider with this sporty vehicle.

With regards to what exactly you are looking for, you will want to be sure to keep these luxury cars in mind to help guide you towards a successful purchase. If these are not exactly what you have in mind, they are some of the highest rated used luxury cars on the market today for a reason.

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What Luxury Car Brand Is Known for Very Costly Maintenance?

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