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Find used cars in Alabama at Though many might think of it as a rural state, Alabama has over four and a half million residents, many of them in several urban centers. Birmingham, in the center of the state, is the largest city, with over 200,000 residents downtown, with over a million in the greater metro area. The capital of Montgomery, further south, has more than 300,000. Down at Abalama's thin coastline, the city of Mobile, a port city, is the oldest urban center in the state. Sandwiched in between Georgia and Mississippi, Alabama is something of gateway for those passing east or west; the state's Highway 59 runs northeast across Alabama, while Highway 65 bisects it on a southerly route through Birmingham and Montgomery and on down to Mobile, a city with a long history. Mobile, as a pre-Indepedence colony, was occupied first by the French, then by the British and Spanish, in the days before Alabama's addition to the Union in 1819. Nowadays, with is population spread out over more than 52,000 square miles, Alabama relies on an influx of vehicles to support all of the daily activity that goes on across the state. Mild winters make it easy on the vehicles that use the Alabama roads, and some sedans and other vehicles can hold their value well over quite a few years. To know more about the specific used vehicles for sale in Alabama, CarsDirect can help: the CarsDirect site includes specific database info tools for locating just what you want across the state for getting your next set of wheels in "The Yellowhammer State".