Used Cars in Alaska

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Find used cars in Alaska at CarsDirect. The state of Alaska enjoys a unique status in being by far the largest land parcel in the U.S.A. With over 660,000 square miles, this piece of American real estate dwarfs other wilderness states such as Montana and Wyoming. The fact that only a little over half a million residents live in this area gives you a truer picture of this "Frozen North" that was added to the United States pretty late in the game, in 1959. As a rare "non-contiguous" state (not sharing a border with other U.S. states), Alaska is further isolated from the rest of the country. All of these facts add up to a specific kind of used vehicle market in this state: although nearly half of its residents live in the urban area around Anchorage, those looking to buy a used vehicle in Alaska are probably not going to be looking for the latest luxury sedan or the snazziest foreign compact. Alaskans will want reliable transportation that can handle the harsh frozen climates and various terrain of the vast northern wilderness popularized by Jack London, where industrialized civilization still has a smaller hand in a life characterized by self-reliance and rugged individualism. To know more about the used car market in the state of Alaska, newcomers or inexperienced car shoppers can turn to CarsDirect, where pricing tools and other useful aspects of the site can help find great deals that buyers can use to navigate Alaskan terrain and register their next set of wheels in "The Land of the Midnight Sun."