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Find used cars in Tucson at CarsDirect. The little town of Tucson has grown quite a lot over timecurrent estimates show more than half a million residents in the city, with another half million in the metro area. But this western Arizona community still has a lot of residents who prize a relatively slow pace of life; the city of Tucson, sometimes called "the old Pueblo," still has more of a small-town feel than some cities of its size. One aspect of this Arizona community that is very interesting to today's visitors is its potential for solar energy: although a comprehensive municipal system for using solar energy has not yet developed, companies and entrepreneurs continue to explore possibilities for this kind of innovation in cities like Tucson, where a specific climate holds the potential for a solar-driven lifestyle. Some University of Arizona sports venues, as well as live music and festivals, also make Tucson a draw for regional visitors. Along with all this traffic, there's the issue of transportation; many Tucson residents rely on their cars and trucks, and a great variety of used vehicles are on sale at Tucson auto lots and in the driveways of individual households. Some of these vehicles may be coming in from the nearby metropolis of Phoenix, and others may be trucked in from much further away. To learn more about the local Tucson used auto market, try a search at CarsDirect, where online pricing and availability tools can help you find your next set of wheels for getting around this interesting Arizona region.