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Find used cars in Bakersfield with CarsDirect. In a list of Californian cities, Bakersfield sometimes gets overlooked. Though, with a current estimated population of over 800,000 in its metro area, it's one of the largest urban areas in the state and in the country as a whole. Experts point out that Bakersfield is a fast-growing California city. Its proximity of about 100 miles to San Francisco gives Bakersfield residents access to one of the most famous American cities and all of the attractions and opportunities in the Bay Area. Nestled in the San Joaquin Valley, Bakersfield also has access to this picturesque region of the state of California. Other destinations like Fresno and Palm Springs aren't far away, either. With a significant history, an attractive California climate, and more, Bakersfield is a draw to many residents and visitors who like its distinctive culture and location as well as its closeness to San Francisco. This means a lot of cars going in and out of Bakersfield. Vehicles for sale in the area may be coming in from San Francisco or Oakland. It's a good idea to look at whether specific vehicles have been exposed to desert conditions in the interior of California that can wreak havoc on coolant systems over time. To see what kind of used vehicles are available in the Bakersfield area, take a look at CarsDirect. The detailed website can point you toward the best deals around Bakersfield and how to get into your desired vehicle in this northern California city.