Used Cars in Salinas, California

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Before buying a used car in Salinas, you should first research the car dealer and the car itself, especially when dealing with a private party. Information about car dealerships can be obtained through the Better Business Bureau. Complaints against any business are usually lodged against them through the Better Business Bureau, who then will conduct an investigation regarding the specific complaint. Researching private parties is not available with the Bureau.

Reputable car dealerships have various policies and procedures in selling used cars. For example, they may offer “certified” status on the cars they sell. This means the car has been inspected for any defects and repaired if any were found. Be sure to inquire what the dealership actually means by “certified”. Some dealerships inspect more parts than others and will guarantee their inspections. Research the car using so that any accidents or other incidents are known beforehand.

Some dealerships will finance their own cars rather than using outside lenders. Usually this brings a savings to the buyer; however, read the entire contract carefully regarding the terms and check for any hidden costs. Get every agreement and term in writing. It is a good idea to research the car and its value online before going to any dealership so that you know the car’s true value.

Buying from private parties can be a hassle. Research the car using beforehand so that any accidents or other incidents are known to you. Sometimes sellers will not divulge this information. Also research the car’s true value so that you do not overpay for the car.

By researching both the car and the dealership first, you can save yourself some hassle. Remember: knowledge is power.